Why Vaporizers are Better Than Cigarettes

It’s an often asked question as to why so many people think vapor cigarettes are better than cigarettes and other traditional tobaccos. There are a variety of different reasons and here we’ll talk about a few of them and how they make the fast growing market of vaporizers even better for customers.

First and foremost is saturation. Unlike the tobacco market, vaporizers are a very competitive market meaning that instead of hundreds of different brands you usually have a few top ranking brands competing for most of the consumers on the market like v2, the Halo e cig line and Fusion. This allows the customer to know that they are getting a good product for their money but also allows them to be selective with where they spend their money. The vaporizer industry really has to work to get their customers and not the other way around meaning that there are more happy customers who get a vaporizer that works for their budget. Everyone uses a vaporizer in a different way and each user needs a vaporizer that will do what it is supposed to for a price that they can afford. A full market that isn’t completely loaded down with products that are all essentially the same allows for that.

Another reason that many people prefer vaporizers over cigarettes is the smell. Vaporizers don’t cause any combustion meaning that there’s no smoke. No smoke, no tar, none of those smelly chemicals that traditional cigarettes are so well known for. This means that you’ll no longer have to worry about staining your teeth or going somewhere smelling like the bottom of an ash tray. This appeals to many vaporizer users who would rather have more control over the first impression they make with people verses the cigarette smell doing it for them.

There are a ton of reasons that vaporizers really are preferable to traditional cigarettes and while the benefits differ from person to person it remains that vaporizers are a great product here to stay. These are not to be confused with dry herb vaporizers like the Arizer solo vaporizer and the Vapir No2.

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Why Vapers Love Vaporizers

 For quite a while now people have been noticing that the vaporizer market is a rapidly growing one and many people have become lifetime users of these wonderful products. The question many are asking however, is why are vaporizer users so very passionate about their vaporizers? Here we’ll talk about a few of the things that make vaporizer users so loyal to vaporizers and what keeps this market growing so quickly.

One of the most obvious reasons for vaporizer popularity to be so large is the versatility of vaporizers. It doesn’t matter what kind of vaporizer you need, whether it’s portable or a desktop version there is definitely one on the market that will match you specification perfectly. It’s also budget friendly with many competitive companies vying for customer loyalty, vaporizer users can afford to pick and choose where their money is best spent and what vaporizer will best fit their budge no matter what it is. This versatility has led many people to understand that unlike many markets, the vaporizer one works for the customers not the other way around.

Another great thing that vaporizers offer that no one else can is cleanliness. A well cared for vaporizer has no tar, doesn’t smell, and looks much cooler than a traditional cigarette or other tobacco product. It may be novelty that brings many to the vaporizer market but the efficiency and the promise of being better smelling and surprisingly cleaner is one thing that keeps them in the market.

Whether it’s having no stains on your teeth or finding a more budget friendly and long term option for your herbals the vaporizer market is only going to continue to grow as we see more innovation and even better competitive pricing in the near future. This is definitely a consumer friendly market that vaporizer users love to let others know about.

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Vaporizer Dos and Don’ts

It’s almost a given that when you join into the vaporizer community, you have to jump in feet first. It’s the easiest way to learn about not only the market, but also the culture, the appeal, and what will work best for you and your situation. However, there are some basics that it’s important to know when getting your first vaporizer and these will help you to have a better, longer, and ultimately more satisfying vaporizer experience as a whole. By following some of these simple do’s and don’ts of vaporizers you’ll be more likely to enjoy your vaporizer without getting frustrated with a product you didn’t fully understand.

The first tip may seem like it’s just common sense but surprisingly enough, it needs to be said more often than one would originally assume. Vaporizers, for all intents and purposes, are an electronic. This means that at no point should your vaporizer be exposed to water, liquid, or any other form of moisture that could ruin the parts of it that are not water proof. Obviously some parts of the vaporizer are okay seeing as how they come into contact with moisture rich vapor with each use but a battery should never be near a pool, for instance. Keeping your vaporizer dry is an essential part of it’s regular maintenance and will help it to last longer. A fried vaporizer makes for poor vapor.

Another don’t to keep in mind is modding. Don’t go about changing part of your vaporizer in an attempt to “customize” it. If you’ve done your research and really thought about your situation prior to purchasing a vaporizer, then here should be no reason to try and “fix” something that isn’t broken. This can void any warranties that you may have had and cause your vaporizer to break or otherwise perform poorly. If it’s not doing what you need it to then consider getting a vaporizer more attuned to your needs.

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